Two tips to follow when ordering supplies for your new catering company


If you need to start ordering supplies for your new catering company, here are some tips to follow. Look for an event catering supply service that offers next-day delivery Even if you don't need your first order to be delivered quickly, you should still choose an event catering supply company that has a next-day delivery service. As your catering business grows, you may find yourself occasionally being asked to cater events at short notice (as a result of, for example, another caterer pulling out of the event shortly before it's due to take place or because a client needs to organise a last-minute party).

6 December 2021

Two Ideas for Those Who Are Organising the Post-Dinner Snacks and Drinks for Their Wedding


If you're deciding which post-dinner drinks and snacks to provide at your wedding, these two ideas might serve as a good source of inspiration. Consider hiring a coffee cart You might want to look for a coffee cart hire business and find out if you can rent one of their carts for your wedding. Using this service is a particularly sensible step to take if quite a few of the guests who will be at the wedding don't drink alcohol, as you will need to provide them with some non-alcoholic drinks.

7 May 2020

Enterprise Skills Required for Running a Mobile Catering Business


Do you have a flair for flavours? Perhaps you have presentation prowess and can lay your dishes out superbly? Maybe you can finesse food to a fine degree, too, but do you have the sort of business skills necessary to run your own catering business? There are many great cooks who are highly experienced with food preparation but don't have enough commercial know-how to make a catering business succeed. What do you need to know in order to take your culinary skills on the road and make an income from catering?

21 November 2016

Tips for organising a food event for seniors


Event planning can be a complex and stressful process, especially with modern dietary requirements more varied and detailed than ever. If you're organising a food event for seniors or people living with disabilities, check out these helpful tips to help simplify your event organisation today. Know the dietary needs of your guests Many seniors have medical conditions that restrict what they are able to consume. When planning a food event for seniors, it is vital that you have detailed information regarding any and all specific dietary requirements your guests have.

12 February 2016

Oyster Dates: 3 Awesome Tactics to Woo Your Date With Oysters at Home


Oysters are considered aphrodisiacs, so if you're looking to impress your date by conjuring up some delicious food, then oysters should be on your menu for the evening. While shucking and cleaning oysters may sound daunting, it really isn't as hard as it seems. This guide is designed to help you woo your date brilliantly with oysters in the comfort of your home. Know What Oysters to Buy Before planning everything, you need to know how and what oysters to buy.

15 December 2015

3 Fun Wedding Catering Options For The Budget-Conscious Couple


Providing a meal for your wedding guests tends to be costly, but there are fun, budget-friendly alternatives to a silver service, three-course meal. If you'd like to trim the catering costs for your big day but still give your guests a meal to remember, give these three alternatives some consideration: Spit Roast A Hog Hiring a spit roast catering company is ideal if you're having an outdoor wedding reception. Everything you need, including the hog, side dishes and your very own server to carve the meat, can be provided.

25 August 2015